Membership to the premier metaverse club

Building a massive blue chip NFT vault
for the benefit of our community



Membership to the premier metaverse club

DAO governance over the Louvre of NFTs


Our community's mission is to become the largest collector of blue chip NFTs

"95% of NFTs are going to zero, but 5% will change people's lives"

Curators Society is in the race to acquire as much of that 5% as possible

By partnering with best-in-class legal, regulatory and tax advisors (including the world’s #1 blockchain law firm), Curators Society is laying the foundation for a new paradigm of NFT curation, acquisition and consumption



1/1 generative NFT collection

Each NFT acts as your full membership to the Curators Society Metaverse Club and proportional governance rights to Curators Society


Participate in roadmap activations that include both metaverse and IRL events, including “Club within a Club” benefits only available to direct holders of blue chip NFTs (e.g., provide tickets or merch at cost, club voting)


Participate in an active community of NFT natives as we work together to grow the Club and its growing collection of blue chip NFT assets

Curation Committee



Artwork Name
Nina Park
2.49 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
3.59 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
3.56 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
1.36 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
2.50 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
1.53 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
2.37 ETH
Artwork Name
Nina Park
1.47 ETH

Curators Society is the premier metaverse club.

Come connect with other web3 citizens who are shaping the diverse fabric and energy of the decentralized world

Founders Pass

4,000 NFTs

The Founders Pass gives access to the community's most valuable utility, including:

Research Reports

Research by our in-house NFT analysts

Alpha Group

Alpha group that co-invests alongside Curators Society

Access to Premium Content

Paid content and research tools, including the Origins bot for our most active holders

Web3 Education

Educational resources for both new and existing Web3 enthusiasts

Regular Spaces and Discord Calls

NFT investing, NFT deep dives, and experts in Web3, NFTs and crypto

Allowlist/Whitelist Spots

Secondary access to AL/WL spots from partner projects

Metaverse and IRL Events

Access to our IRL events and metaverse clubhouse and activities, including a range of virtual events like fitness sessions, movie nights, poker nights, trivia/board games, and more!

roadmap 1.0

With the support of our partners, we are uniquely positioned to disrupt the NFT space to benefit Curators Society

Mint: 1,000 Curators NFTs

May 31, 2022 - 1,000 @ 0.16ETH [SOLD OUT]

50% of initial proceeds and 50% secondary sales royalties contributed to the Genesis Vault to acquire blue chip NFTs

50% of initial proceeds and 50% secondary sales royalties contributed towards building out Curators Society

Initial Acquisitions

Work with the Curators Society community to deploy the initial allocation of the Genesis Vault’s proceeds

Metaverse Clubhouse
in Sandbox

Location @ Premium LAND adjacent to Bored Ape Yacht Club parcel


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Looking Ahead

Explore how partnerships, collaborations, and software development can further the aims of Curators Society


World's #1 blockchain law firm

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